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Hey guys, I haven’t seen you in a while. Anyway, let’s get rolling. So, I’m going to talk about mistakes. Now, there are big mistake like accidentally blowing up the whole world, there little mistakes like making a typo, and then there’s about five thousand other different kinds in between. Now, in my life the most annoying and embarrassing are the kind where you try to do something cool or funny and you end up messing something up. For instance, in P.E. a while back they taught us how to play volleyball. We were all sitting and one guy was standing. The coach bumps the ball as a demonstration and the ball goes near the guy who’s standing. So, the guy who’s standing picks up the ball and while trying to cool and awesome, he bumps the ball to the coach. To bad that the ball goes nowhere near the coach and hit’s someone in the head and we all start yelling at him. Try not to feel pity for the guy because he’s really annoying and he just hit someone in the head with a volleyball, so enough. So, I guess I’m done. Anyway, Live long and prosper. Meiergreen


The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart is THE best book I have ever read in my life. Although that’s pretty much a sum of the way I feel about this book, I guess I’ll just have to explain further: A group of four children is gathered to go on a top secret, life threatening mission. Each of these witty characters contribute to the story, making the plot very dynamic. Information is constantly twisting and turning around the plot, and the nonstop adventure makes this a book you just can’t put down. I have just started the sequel, and so far it is proving to be just as great! 10 Stars and 5 thumbs up for this series!

– Middle Child

P.S. This book can easily be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is going to be about thing that are supposed to happen but don’t. For instance, in my class during lunchtime there are three sports that everybody wants to play. The three sports are football, soccor, and capture the flag. Of course the yard isn’t large enough to play all of those sports so we have to agree on only one. So we have to rotate different games every day. Sadly that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen because everybody wants to play capture the flag and the days were supposed to play the other games everybody leaves leaving us wit around five people. I’m not going to talk about this all day but I’m also going to talk about people cheating on stuff. I don’t mean like stealing money in monopoly, I mean like cheating on a diet or ritual. I know that some of the people reading this post are on a diet, and I know that some people reading this post are cheating on their diet, possibly right now, Dun, Dun, Dun. I also mean people who are trying to quit smoking or drinking but that’s not going to happen if you keep cheating. Anyway, I’m in to much of a happy mood to talk like a therapist right now so I think I’m am going to stop now. Live long and prosper. Meiergreen.

So, if you didn’t figure out the title you should really go back to the 2nd grade. No, just kidding! If you haven’t guessed, this post is going to be about boredom. It’s a good old friend that comes for a visit without calling first… the kind of friend that when you try to block out of your life, ALWAYS butts it’s way back in. Now, I’m not saying a little bit now and then isn’t healthy, but COME ON, when you really don’t do anything besides school, eating, and sleeping, it comes around ALL THE TIME. Now, I already know what I want to do with my life, seriously, but that doesn’t do much use for me when I’m in the 8th grade. So, after I get fed up with the usual – tv and computer – what to do? That’s the problem!  w-o-w…..    well, that’s the end of my mini-rant 🙂

~ middle child

Flowy tanks, zipper details, and lace are all very in this season. That’s why this top from Urban Outfitters is today’s perfect pick.

Gold jewlery has been very popular lately. These golden, tear-drop shaped earrings are very flattering to the face, and look very good on people who are brunettes. The orange and blue give a very calm feeling, and since they are opposite on the color wheel, they are a perfect match. This pair of gorgeous earrings are available at Anthropologie.

These Steve Madden flat sandals are absolutely perfect for this upcoming summer. The wide ankle straps flatter the ankles very well, and the unique color scheme gives any outfit an edgy twist.

:] Have fun being fashionable.

– Middle Child

Hello. I was forced to right this blog by my mother. Well, not really forced, just I could only have a mini donut if I wrote this blog. So here it is. It is 6:30 in the 28 of april, and I had just made some frozen pancakes for breakfast. I woke up early so I could do some homework that I hadn’t finished the day before, and I am CRAVING some mini donuts. So, I ask my mother “Can I have a mini donut, I already ate some pancakes?” and then she says ” Have some protein and then you can have a mini donut,”. I then suddenly ask “Can you get a cup of chocolate milk for me?”, she then tells me “Who do you think I am?” so I then go over to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of chocolate milk. I drink slowly because my throat was kind of soar that day. I come back to my mother and ask her about that mini donut. She then says “How about this, you make a blog and then you can have a mini donut. I agree to that compromise, and even I am writing this blog I still haven’t got my mini donut. I have just been informed, while writing this blog, that if this blog is good enough, I get two mini donuts. So, that is how this blog got meant to be. Meiergreen

This is a set I made on a website called Polyvore. The website basically has thousands of images of clothing etc. and you make collages on the web.


-Middle Child

As you can probably can tell by the title,  I am going to be talking about my hopes and dreams. One of my hopes is that I get to see the premiere of Iron Man 2. By the way that movie is wrong. Whiplash doesn’t have electrical whips; he has normal whips but is just really good at using them. I can tell that I am boring you already because I haven’t said something yet, and usually my posts are hysterical. So I am going to try to lighten things up a little. Another one of my hopes (These are mostly going to be hopes and not really any dreams. I just called it that because it sounded catchy) is that my FRICKING friend gets FRICKING xbox live. He even has an xbox, he just doesn’t have xbox live. I even gave him 20 bucks for his birthday and then told him to use the 20 bucks so he could get xbox live. Thank god my other friends have xbox live or else I might die. I actually haven’t played with them yet because I just friended them today. So, those were my hopes and no dreams, signing out MeierGreen.


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