Today is my birthday and I am wearing a beautiful outfit. It consists of a shimmering white dress (slightly above knee), a braided belt and an old-style short orange jacket with big buttons. This is the fourth time this last week that I have looked cute with fab outfits. In fact, this week is probably the first time in years that I have looked consistently stylish. How did this come about you may ask. How did a frumpish mom turn into a hottie? The truth is my 14 year old is completely responsible. We went to Target over the weekend and she picked out a basket full of beautiful clothing for me (none of which I would have picked out on my own. If I had gone alone, I would have veered instead to the over sized brown and black items). My teenager then proceeded to pick out a series of work/evening appropriate items that looked cute on me. After a painful purchase of, gulp, nearly $500, my middle schooler has continued on to pick out my outfits everyday this week (including jewelry, shoes, hair and makeup). I have never received so many compliments in my life. Its amazing what we can learn from youth.