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You know, sometimes people just say things that make no sense what so ever. Like me and my friend tell jokes basically all the time and one of my friends makes the most stupidest jokes in the world. Most of the time I don’t even know what he’s talking about. Also, my teacher is really weird. One as a class assignment we had to wright a feature article, and she edited it and she said that the ending made no sense even it made absolute perfect sense. Sorry, sorry, I have been trying to cut back on the complaining, and I know that I’m complaining right now. Even thought sometimes I sound like a grumpy old man who’s really funny I’m still going to try to cut down on the complaining. But, sometimes people say things by accident that make no sense and are also really funny. Ha, ha I can already tell that I’m cutting down on the complaining. Anyway, people say things that they said by mistake and are really funny. Also sometimes people say the right thing but it sounds like something else. Like my teacher, not the one who makes no sense, has an accent and when she says sit is sounds like something else, ha, ha, ha. I know, I know I’m sounding like complete boy right now LOL. Ha, I actually never have said, “OMG” and I said, “did you really just say OMG?” I’m sorry what was I talking about. Well, I forgot so I’m just going to call it a day. Live long and prosper. Meiergreen.


By the way this post is not going to be like tmz or some stupid magazine. I am just going to talk about crap you already know. First on the list, what’s the hell with Kanye West. I can’t believe he stopped Taylor Swift’s speech to say that Beyonce should have been on. Like, what the hell was that. Also, I’m glad that Obama called Kanye West a jackass. Out of all people Obama calls him a jackass. Anyway, I feel like combining two posts into one. So I’m going to talk about jokes. Some of them are funny, some stupid, some raunchy, some just plain mean. One that I think is funny and mean is this “You’re so ugly a plumber’s crack says damn what happened to this guy?” Another one that is also funny and mean is “Roses are red, violets are blue, god made me pretty what the hell happened to you?” HaHaHa. LOL. Crap My Pants! That was hilarious. Anyway that was all for today. Live Long and Prosper. MeierGreen.

The other day I was at the doctor’s office for a follow up appointment. The staff asked me for a urine sample to test for…I’m not sure what. Going into the bathroom, I noticed that the toilet seat was up. I thought, wtf, who leaves the seat up anyway? I snatched a paper towel meaning to grab hold of the seat without touching anything directly. At that moment, as I was leaning over the basin with thoughts of cotton gowns and charts floating though my mind, a hoop earring unattached from my earlobe and descended like it had a purpose into the toilet bowl. I stood there in disbelief with the now-useless paper towel in my hand. I considered the options as I looked down at the glimmering metal circle nestled in the porcelain bowl. Taking a deep breath as if I were preparing for a full body plunge, I submerged my hand into the cold, questionable liquid. Quickly I grabbed the hoop and dumped it dripping into the sink. Trembling, I proceeded to wash my hands and the earring like MacBeth (or his wife?). About that time, I heared my cell phone ringing in my purse. I dried my hands and saw that it was my daughter calling from college. After answering the call, I told her my whole ordeal. Of course she went eeww and haha which is fine by me. After a few minutes, I looked in the mirror, squared my shoulders and put the hoop back into my ear. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I do things beyond reason. Soon, the nurse was calling me to go to the small room with the paper covered table designated for me. I filled my cup without further incident and dashed out of the room with earrings and phone still at my ears.


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