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Flowy tanks, zipper details, and lace are all very in this season. That’s why this top from Urban Outfitters is today’s perfect pick.

Gold jewlery has been very popular lately. These golden, tear-drop shaped earrings are very flattering to the face, and look very good on people who are brunettes. The orange and blue give a very calm feeling, and since they are opposite on the color wheel, they are a perfect match. This pair of gorgeous earrings are available at Anthropologie.

These Steve Madden flat sandals are absolutely perfect for this upcoming summer. The wide ankle straps flatter the ankles very well, and the unique color scheme gives any outfit an edgy twist.

:] Have fun being fashionable.

– Middle Child


This classy longchamps tote, is perfect for both younger and older women.  The sophisticated leather easily ties into almost any outfit. Another plus, is its capacity. This stylish bag can hold everything one would need in a day.

Option #2: This oh so chic, bag from, is yet another wonderful gift possibility. It is perfect because of its shape, detailing, and color. Both rose detailing, and blush colors are very in this year. The structure of this tote makes it perfect for work, and/or formal events. (warning: do not wear this bag along with pink clothes)

The Amazon Kindle, is the most perfect gift for a book lover. It’s gorgeous screen does not tire the eyes, and it’s sleek design makes it very user-friendly. A book can be downloaded in 60 seconds, from anywhere.

– Middle Child

This is a set I made on a website called Polyvore. The website basically has thousands of images of clothing etc. and you make collages on the web.


-Middle Child


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