Hello. My post is going to be about awkwardness. If you read my last post then you would know that I have tried to friend my friend on xbox live. Luckily, My friend said yes but I tried to friend my other friend but I forgot to write the word THE in their username so by accident I friend requested some random guy who doesn’t have the word the in their username so I really messed up. For a while I he didn’t answer and I couldn’t find my friend request for him and I realized that I was also a stranger to him so he probably said no to the friend request. Probably my life goal is to not have any awkwardness in it. There are several things that are awkward, like I get sick really easily so I’m missing school a lot and when I come back my teacher talks to me about why I’m missing so much school and then I hesitate and talk really quiet and then it becomes really awkward. When I was really little I had this project and I finished before everybody else so I went around asking people who needs help but they didn’t need any, so my teacher stopped class and said that they had to except my help and that was really awkward. So that was my post, live long and prosper. Meiergreen