As you can probably can tell by the title,  I am going to be talking about my hopes and dreams. One of my hopes is that I get to see the premiere of Iron Man 2. By the way that movie is wrong. Whiplash doesn’t have electrical whips; he has normal whips but is just really good at using them. I can tell that I am boring you already because I haven’t said something yet, and usually my posts are hysterical. So I am going to try to lighten things up a little. Another one of my hopes (These are mostly going to be hopes and not really any dreams. I just called it that because it sounded catchy) is that my FRICKING friend gets FRICKING xbox live. He even has an xbox, he just doesn’t have xbox live. I even gave him 20 bucks for his birthday and then told him to use the 20 bucks so he could get xbox live. Thank god my other friends have xbox live or else I might die. I actually haven’t played with them yet because I just friended them today. So, those were my hopes and no dreams, signing out MeierGreen.