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As you can probably tell from the title, this post is going to be about thing that are supposed to happen but don’t. For instance, in my class during lunchtime there are three sports that everybody wants to play. The three sports are football, soccor, and capture the flag. Of course the yard isn’t large enough to play all of those sports so we have to agree on only one. So we have to rotate different games every day. Sadly that doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen because everybody wants to play capture the flag and the days were supposed to play the other games everybody leaves leaving us wit around five people. I’m not going to talk about this all day but I’m also going to talk about people cheating on stuff. I don’t mean like stealing money in monopoly, I mean like cheating on a diet or ritual. I know that some of the people reading this post are on a diet, and I know that some people reading this post are cheating on their diet, possibly right now, Dun, Dun, Dun. I also mean people who are trying to quit smoking or drinking but that’s not going to happen if you keep cheating. Anyway, I’m in to much of a happy mood to talk like a therapist right now so I think I’m am going to stop now. Live long and prosper. Meiergreen.


This morning I got a text from my daughter that said, “I’m going to stress eat so hardcore while finishing this paper…” It was so funny to me. I love her so much and she’s so cute. She’ll be home on Saturday which is awesome. Everything at home is going pretty well. My son read my last post and was not happy about it. Maybe it was a bit complainy.

I hope you’re doing good. Right now I’m at work and can hear several conversations around me. It’s actually nice compared with the general silence we get for most of the day.You must be at work also in a similar sitch. I hope your new project director is cool. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I’m hoping to get on a project here related to critical thinking and surgery. It’s a shift, but new is good. I’ll jump up and down if the project director for the surgery project is good. Its funny how everyone knows which project director is good and which isn’t, but they don’t know themselves.

One thing that’s cool is I’ve been losing some weight recently and can fit into some clothes I couldn’t before. Right now I’m wearing my skinny jeans what were like binding seal skin before. Now I’m pretty comfy.

When I saw my therapist this morning she said I need to write at least one paragraph a day on the final paper for my Language Anthro class. It was due over a week ago. It makes me feel slightly sick to my stomach just to say that. I hate missing deadlines. Even though I’m late in a lot of things I do, I rarely miss these kind of deadlines. Whatev. I’ll do a paragraph a day and see how it goes.

So have a great day and a good evening with Jordan.

So, if you didn’t figure out the title you should really go back to the 2nd grade. No, just kidding! If you haven’t guessed, this post is going to be about boredom. It’s a good old friend that comes for a visit without calling first… the kind of friend that when you try to block out of your life, ALWAYS butts it’s way back in. Now, I’m not saying a little bit now and then isn’t healthy, but COME ON, when you really don’t do anything besides school, eating, and sleeping, it comes around ALL THE TIME. Now, I already know what I want to do with my life, seriously, but that doesn’t do much use for me when I’m in the 8th grade. So, after I get fed up with the usual – tv and computer – what to do? That’s the problem!  w-o-w…..    well, that’s the end of my mini-rant 🙂

~ middle child

How are you doing? Did you and Jared make it to school on time. It must have been hard today with the rain and gray skies. Our house had a near complete system breakdown. None of my kids at home went to school. They claimed illness and while that may be partially true, I think it was more about unfinished homework and social stress. I feel like my strategies have not been working. Instead of making them feel empowered in making their own decisions, they feel bad about themselves for not having taken care of what they need to. Luckily, Diego and I are talking about it and working together to help the kids. Like I told him, I can’t be the heavy anymore. With this approach everything is going to hell in a hand basket. The irony is that their dad and I are in the same situation. We have important work to do that we just can’t get started on. I’m not sure why this is happening to all of us. The stars? idk.

The new medicine I’m taking seems to be working better. I don’t feel energetic but at least it doesn’t feel like wading through mud to accomplish a task. I guess at some point it makes more sense to stop trying to figure everything out. I don’t know why everything is the way it is (especially the difficult stuff). Things to be grateful for on the other hand is that everyone in my family is healthy and generally happy. Diego and I are getting along much better. We live in a safe neighborhood and my work is going well. I have good friends and find myself enjoying moments with friends and family a lot more. I hope you are having a great day. Miss you. B

The other day I was at the doctor’s office for a follow up appointment. The staff asked me for a urine sample to test for…I’m not sure what. Going into the bathroom, I noticed that the toilet seat was up. I thought, wtf, who leaves the seat up anyway? I snatched a paper towel meaning to grab hold of the seat without touching anything directly. At that moment, as I was leaning over the basin with thoughts of cotton gowns and charts floating though my mind, a hoop earring unattached from my earlobe and descended like it had a purpose into the toilet bowl. I stood there in disbelief with the now-useless paper towel in my hand. I considered the options as I looked down at the glimmering metal circle nestled in the porcelain bowl. Taking a deep breath as if I were preparing for a full body plunge, I submerged my hand into the cold, questionable liquid. Quickly I grabbed the hoop and dumped it dripping into the sink. Trembling, I proceeded to wash my hands and the earring like MacBeth (or his wife?). About that time, I heared my cell phone ringing in my purse. I dried my hands and saw that it was my daughter calling from college. After answering the call, I told her my whole ordeal. Of course she went eeww and haha which is fine by me. After a few minutes, I looked in the mirror, squared my shoulders and put the hoop back into my ear. I don’t know what to say. Sometimes I do things beyond reason. Soon, the nurse was calling me to go to the small room with the paper covered table designated for me. I filled my cup without further incident and dashed out of the room with earrings and phone still at my ears.

So I have a little ish. I get a wee bit of depression sometimes. More like rapid race car, full speed ahead depression. These experiences have the free fall sensation of a Splash Mountain decent without the cathartic joy ride aspect. Well anyway, that’s that.

In terms of perks related to this woe-be-gone feeling, I get to complain to my father a lot. He and I have the same problem, so since its his fault (at least genetically speaking) its his role to bear with me. We have not been close for years but now he will listen as I go on and on about my sitch. For a man who never expresses his own feelings, this feat is quite impressive. Another perk is I’ve boycotted (maybe through default) running the household finances. Its made me much more relaxed but I think my husband is grinding his teeth over it.

All in all, as you know life is an unpredictable journey and sometimes good will come from bad. With that in mind, live long and prosper 🙂

Ok, so recently I have had an absurd number of ridiculous maladies. First, I had poison oak (from an attempted novel hiking experience with my two daughters). It started off harmless enough at first but after applying hydrocortisone for a week, the poison oak looked like the terrain of the Rocky mountains, or conversely, how I imagine the surface of Venus to be. While I liked all the attention I received from my dramatic looking injury, I was slightly concerned (MRSA anyone?).

Concurrent to this award winning problem , I started having abdominal pains and needed to pee every thirty seconds. As expected, this schedule cut into my regular cubical-based social engagements with co-workers. As all inconvenient maladies inevitably evolve, I ended up with a tedious trip to the ER. And while I’m not an old man (stereotype conceded) I was additionally diagnosed with a kidney stone. Of all the things. My doctor described the kidney stone’s decent as a fork running down cotton. Mmmm, yummy. Luckily, I have since recovered from this fun.

I do have a lovely scab on my shin that I proudly show off in my new skirts. This morning I spent a few moments in my cubicle using scissors to cut off pieces of the foundation-covered scabs that looked like they wanted to be elsewhere. Clearly, I had to tell my co-workers what I was doing since I can’t help but talk myself incessantly. This confession resulted in a conversation about how so many things get lost in our industrial carpet. Yes, gross. But on the positive side… good luck dust mites and rats, your dinner has been served!


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