So, if you didn’t figure out the title you should really go back to the 2nd grade. No, just kidding! If you haven’t guessed, this post is going to be about boredom. It’s a good old friend that comes for a visit without calling first… the kind of friend that when you try to block out of your life, ALWAYS butts it’s way back in. Now, I’m not saying a little bit now and then isn’t healthy, but COME ON, when you really don’t do anything besides school, eating, and sleeping, it comes around ALL THE TIME. Now, I already know what I want to do with my life, seriously, but that doesn’t do much use for me when I’m in the 8th grade. So, after I get fed up with the usual – tv and computer – what to do? That’s the problem!  w-o-w…..    well, that’s the end of my mini-rant 🙂

~ middle child


By the way this post is not going to be like tmz or some stupid magazine. I am just going to talk about crap you already know. First on the list, what’s the hell with Kanye West. I can’t believe he stopped Taylor Swift’s speech to say that Beyonce should have been on. Like, what the hell was that. Also, I’m glad that Obama called Kanye West a jackass. Out of all people Obama calls him a jackass. Anyway, I feel like combining two posts into one. So I’m going to talk about jokes. Some of them are funny, some stupid, some raunchy, some just plain mean. One that I think is funny and mean is this “You’re so ugly a plumber’s crack says damn what happened to this guy?” Another one that is also funny and mean is “Roses are red, violets are blue, god made me pretty what the hell happened to you?” HaHaHa. LOL. Crap My Pants! That was hilarious. Anyway that was all for today. Live Long and Prosper. MeierGreen.

How are you doing? Did you and Jared make it to school on time. It must have been hard today with the rain and gray skies. Our house had a near complete system breakdown. None of my kids at home went to school. They claimed illness and while that may be partially true, I think it was more about unfinished homework and social stress. I feel like my strategies have not been working. Instead of making them feel empowered in making their own decisions, they feel bad about themselves for not having taken care of what they need to. Luckily, Diego and I are talking about it and working together to help the kids. Like I told him, I can’t be the heavy anymore. With this approach everything is going to hell in a hand basket. The irony is that their dad and I are in the same situation. We have important work to do that we just can’t get started on. I’m not sure why this is happening to all of us. The stars? idk.

The new medicine I’m taking seems to be working better. I don’t feel energetic but at least it doesn’t feel like wading through mud to accomplish a task. I guess at some point it makes more sense to stop trying to figure everything out. I don’t know why everything is the way it is (especially the difficult stuff). Things to be grateful for on the other hand is that everyone in my family is healthy and generally happy. Diego and I are getting along much better. We live in a safe neighborhood and my work is going well. I have good friends and find myself enjoying moments with friends and family a lot more. I hope you are having a great day. Miss you. B

Hey girl. I don’t know what to tell you. I I’ve been feeling like falling over at my desk all morning. Lunch will you was cool today. I liked sitting at the bar and seeing all the calorie info on the menus. Totally scary. I just took some Excedrin and a bit of Ritalin and I’m feeling much better. Someone just commented on my son’s post and it’s thrilling for me. I can’t tell you exactly why. He’s such a good writer. I know we all are but something about his writing is connecting with people out there.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re finally doing e-Harmony. The profiles you’ve been sending me to see are so funny. Some of the guys look really interesting but others seem like they don’t have a clue. Could you believe that one guy said one of his role models was Hitler? Clueless. Who is he trying to attract anyway. Make sure to take me up on my babysitting offer. Also, I don’t know what you will think of this but I kinda implied to Cynthia that you are on e-harmony. I did it (I’m thinking please, please forgive me) because she is doing it too and I thought you guys would enjoy talking about it. As you know, my sister found some guy that way that she is in love with now. Thank god it’s mutual. Middle-child and I keep pestering her to give us some dates. When is the baby and when is the marriage. We want some practical facts. I’m not sure what else to tell you.

I haven’t been too depressed lately but I did get mad at Diego yesterday and ended up falling asleep in the kids room. I felt kind of immature about it but i was mad. He dissed my using our special signal to stop talking about a topic if I was getting too uncomfortable. I felt bad cuz he made fun of me and because I thought the symbol was kind of sacred (but not in a religious kind of way). Whatever, it all comes out in the wash. The worst part is I ended up switching beds last night about three times and I’m exhausted today. At least that’s my excuse.

In terms of more complaining, my first-time-manacured nails are getting chipped. I’m not sure what to do cuz the smell of the polish remover is totally gross and toxic. I’m afraid my daughter is poisoning herself whenever she uses it. I think that’s all I have for now. I’ll write later. Take care, MB

I know what you’re thinking, but this post is now gonna be about toys or diapers or whatever the hell the little tykes company makes. No, this is going to be about little children. I don’t mean babies, and I don’t mean like 10 year olds. I’m talking about children the ages 4-6. I mean they are very rude and annoying. Every time they eat they eat insanely loud. Does anybody remember what it was like in that time period. It is easier for me to remember because I’m in the 5th grade. In my school we would have a yearly jog-a-thon, and when I was that age, all of the kids would say they ran 20 or 30 or 40 laps which I now know that that is a complete lie. I also remember us saying that if they give you their pudding or fruit roll up they would give you money in return. Now that was a complete lie. Also, not that long ago me and my friends where sitting around and talking and I was rolling around a basketball on the ground. When out of nowhere some 5 year old just takes the basketball and says”Your not using it.”  So I just say ok in a sarcastic and annoyed manner. Well, thats my post. Live long and prosper. MeierGreen.

Flowy tanks, zipper details, and lace are all very in this season. That’s why this top from Urban Outfitters is today’s perfect pick.

Gold jewlery has been very popular lately. These golden, tear-drop shaped earrings are very flattering to the face, and look very good on people who are brunettes. The orange and blue give a very calm feeling, and since they are opposite on the color wheel, they are a perfect match. This pair of gorgeous earrings are available at Anthropologie.

These Steve Madden flat sandals are absolutely perfect for this upcoming summer. The wide ankle straps flatter the ankles very well, and the unique color scheme gives any outfit an edgy twist.

:] Have fun being fashionable.

– Middle Child

Step by Step: Everyday look for beginners in makeup.

1) Wash Face

2) Moisturize

3) Foundation: A medium coverage, liquid foundation works well applied with fingers. Remember to take it down the neck, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a mask. Follow with a powder.

4) Blush: Coral blushes are great, to give your cheeks a natural glow. Lightly sweep from the apple’s of your cheeks upwards. Be careful not to overdo it.

5) Bronzer: Bronzer is great to make the illusion of higher cheek bones. Gently sweep in the hollows of your cheeks. Drag LIGHTLY towards the corner of your mouth (do not create a line). An easier way to do it is to make a three on either side of the face.

6) Highlight: Apply a very small amount of highlight color under the bridge of the eyebrow, on the very tops of the cheek bones, and the littlest amount in the tear ducts.

7) Eyeliner: Apply pencil as close to the lash line as possible, then smudge with finger.

8) Eyeshadow: For a smokey look (for work or evening): Apply gold eyeshadow on the entire lid (not too much). Then apply a deep purple color on the outer corner, and the outer half under the eye (again, small amount). Then apply a shimmery copper color at the center of the lid.

9) Mascara: This is optional but if used can often make the eyes more defined and pronounced.

10) Lip Gloss: This product works well to bring some shine and color to the face. It also doesn’t have some of the problems that lipstick has of caking or spreading. Subtle colors are excellent for the daytime.

This classy longchamps tote, is perfect for both younger and older women.  The sophisticated leather easily ties into almost any outfit. Another plus, is its capacity. This stylish bag can hold everything one would need in a day.

Option #2: This oh so chic, bag from, is yet another wonderful gift possibility. It is perfect because of its shape, detailing, and color. Both rose detailing, and blush colors are very in this year. The structure of this tote makes it perfect for work, and/or formal events. (warning: do not wear this bag along with pink clothes)

The Amazon Kindle, is the most perfect gift for a book lover. It’s gorgeous screen does not tire the eyes, and it’s sleek design makes it very user-friendly. A book can be downloaded in 60 seconds, from anywhere.

– Middle Child

Hello. I was forced to right this blog by my mother. Well, not really forced, just I could only have a mini donut if I wrote this blog. So here it is. It is 6:30 in the 28 of april, and I had just made some frozen pancakes for breakfast. I woke up early so I could do some homework that I hadn’t finished the day before, and I am CRAVING some mini donuts. So, I ask my mother “Can I have a mini donut, I already ate some pancakes?” and then she says ” Have some protein and then you can have a mini donut,”. I then suddenly ask “Can you get a cup of chocolate milk for me?”, she then tells me “Who do you think I am?” so I then go over to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of chocolate milk. I drink slowly because my throat was kind of soar that day. I come back to my mother and ask her about that mini donut. She then says “How about this, you make a blog and then you can have a mini donut. I agree to that compromise, and even I am writing this blog I still haven’t got my mini donut. I have just been informed, while writing this blog, that if this blog is good enough, I get two mini donuts. So, that is how this blog got meant to be. Meiergreen

This is a set I made on a website called Polyvore. The website basically has thousands of images of clothing etc. and you make collages on the web.


-Middle Child


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