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So a lot has been going on since the blog kind of petered out this summer. AND i have a ton of papers to write so reactivating this bastion of silly and not so silly family commentary seems like a pretty solid use of time.

The quick version of my life since last summer:
I applied to medical school and am now freaking out about hearing back about interviews (they are supposed to start notifying people in mid october, its already late october…OH NO)

I am almost officially a comparative literature concentrator at Brown University with a focus in Spanish and Latin, meaning I have to relearn Spanish and Latin.

After lots of waffling on my part, I am going home for thanksgiving!!!!! Could not be more excited.

My mom, aunt, and I have been gchatting during the day while I procrastinate, my mom sits at her 9-5 job and my aunt… I don’t really know maybe she just comes online because she likes us!!
and with good reason those little chats are (in a nondepressing way) one of the highlights of my day!

I’ve been emailing with my grandfather about why literature is important for life and for medicine… an important question because I KNOW reading a ton of literature over the next few years will make me a better smarter person and probably doctor. BUT I DONT KNOW WHY AND I WANT TO.

So thats the relatively long short version. I’m going to get back to writing about civilization imagery in Antigone, the character of Ajax as he appears in Sophocles’ Ajax and the Iliad, some yet-to-be-defined topic, the purpose of a (formally) child narrative in Corregidora, and distorted perceptions of the Other in Kafka’s Metamorphosis. YIKES.

-Tyrone Shoelaces

(GET IT? Tie your own shoelaces….)



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