I am in 5th grade and life is good. I got good friends a good family and good video games. But sadly just like everybody else out there I still have demons in my life. To be more specific 3 demons. Two of them are in my class. They are my enemies, well they’re basically everybody’s enemies. No, not bullies, in fact if they try to pick a fight about half the class, they will get pumbled. The reason I hate them is because they are extremely annoying. They are so annoying that sometimes I just want to punch their FRICKING face off. Now the 3rd one is not in my class but he is in my school. He is our principle. He’s not one of those super mean ones you see in the movies. He is depriving the older kids of their riches. He said that they didn’t have enough money to get everybody computers, even though he got 3rd and 4th graders NEW computers, we all now have to share computers. In fact he’s creating these stupid charity events where he’s losing more money than he’s getting and now the 6th graders have a crappy colmanation! So, when the weekend is over I am going to avoid those 3 people, as mush as possible! Meiergreen