So I have a little ish. I get a wee bit of depression sometimes. More like rapid race car, full speed ahead depression. These experiences have the free fall sensation of a Splash Mountain decent without the cathartic joy ride aspect. Well anyway, that’s that.

In terms of perks related to this woe-be-gone feeling, I get to complain to my father a lot. He and I have the same problem, so since its his fault (at least genetically speaking) its his role to bear with me. We have not been close for years but now he will listen as I go on and on about my sitch. For a man who never expresses his own feelings, this feat is quite impressive. Another perk is I’ve boycotted (maybe through default) running the household finances. Its made me much more relaxed but I think my husband is grinding his teeth over it.

All in all, as you know life is an unpredictable journey and sometimes good will come from bad. With that in mind, live long and prosper 🙂