Fantastic book. I have thoroughly enjoyed other Margaret Atwood books in the past: cat’s eye, Handmaid’s Tale etc and Oryx and Crake did not dissapoint. She writes science fiction with an uncanny ability to make it feel less bizarre than it is. Oryx and Crake take place in two parallel times: a world characterized by ultra genetic modification and its similocal aftermath. You will encounter humans with blue butts and genitals, pigs designed to harvest human organs but who ultimately develop human intelligence as well, and chickens with no heads but 6 breasts fired into delicious chickie-nobs as the newest KFC. It seems crazy. But, Atwood manages to endow her characters with humanity and personality that makes them relevant to to today’s society. THis frames her outlandish story human compassion, community and capacity but also makes the otherworldly atrocity in Oryx and Crake unsettling even for the contemporary reader. HRJ